Discover Innovation: Milliken Launches Corporate Instagram Account

Jul 18, 2017 8:54:51 AM / by Mollie Williams posted in Innovation

Discover innovation like you’ve never seen it before – through the lens of Milliken associates, customers, and communities.

A lot of what we do at Milliken is tangible – from creating flooring solution to designing innovative textiles to creating smart chemistries to ‘do good.’ Because of our company’s rich legacy and bright future, Milliken & Company joined Instagram this week as another way of sharing where we come from and where we are headed.

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Associate Spotlight: Steve Lucas’ Approach to Industry-leading Flame Resistant Fabrics

Jul 13, 2017 11:00:39 AM / by Mollie Williams posted in Innovation

Today’s technical textiles are more than meets the eye. Flame resistant (FR) fabrics for protective workwear are no exception—requiring a keen understanding of market need, deep scientific expertise, and a bold exploratory perspective.

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Associate Spotlight: Dawn Pechin with Milliken Specialty Interiors

Jun 23, 2017 1:38:24 PM / by Mollie Williams posted in Innovation

Since interning with Milliken in 1990, Dawn has utilized her keen eye for design and color, and her technical understanding of the science of performance textiles, to create fabrics spanning a range of industries. She spent time in women’s wear, automotive textiles, commercial table linens, before moving to residential and commercial interiors, where she focuses her time today.

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Discovering Milliken

Jun 8, 2017 9:17:08 AM / by Mollie Williams posted in Innovation

At Milliken, we are a community of innovators. Stemming from meaningful design and forward thinking, our company addresses issues of today for the good of tomorrow. Milliken products, patents, and technology serve as the underpinning of daily life – as a U.S. consumer, you may interact with Milliken innovations up to 50 times a day without even knowing it.

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5 STEAM Activities to Enjoy Outdoors This Summer

May 30, 2017 8:28:00 AM / by Mollie Williams posted in Innovation

The focus on STEAM education is incredibly important in building the next generation of innovators. Careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are growing in need. Adding the Arts in the STEM equation to equal STEAM introduces a new level of creativity and perspective for problem solving – something we champion at Milliken to design meaningful innovations that ‘do good.’ In our own experience, melding diverse disciplines can result in creativity never before possible.

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These 5 Milliken Innovations Help Celebrate All Spring Offers

Apr 27, 2017 12:08:03 PM / by Mollie Williams posted in Innovation

As the weather improves and we book our calendars with outdoor activities, these five Milliken innovations are making spring activities, from school field trips to long-weekend road trips, more accessible, colorful, and environmentally conscious.

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Milliken Welcomes Chicago-based Keystone, Grows Chemical Division

Apr 13, 2017 11:30:00 AM / by Mollie Williams posted in Innovation

As Milliken enters its 152nd year with a continuing vision to create ground-breaking innovations that change the user experience, we are excited to announce Keystone Aniline Corporation as a new member of the Milliken family of companies.

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3 Unexpected Milliken Innovation Stories

Apr 7, 2017 7:51:41 AM / by Mollie Williams posted in Innovation

The stories of our early, industry-leading innovations still make an impact today. Since 1865, Milliken has been innovating to do good for the world and create a new level of experience for our customers. Our diversified portfolio of meaningfully designed products is derived from our team’s ability to combine unique insights with our extensive knowledge as scientists.

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How Milliken is Solving a $1 Billion Issue

Apr 4, 2017 8:16:22 AM / by Mollie Williams posted in Innovation

Subfloor moisture is a $1 billion issue every year in commercial buildings. A result of rising water tables and/or improperly cured concrete subfloors, it’s also the leading cause of flooring failure - flooring that has peeled or buckled, has mold and mildew, or has loosened from the subfloor. 

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How 2 new Milliken innovations are transforming the home

Mar 24, 2017 11:30:36 AM / by Mollie Williams posted in Innovation

As staycations and working from home become increasingly more popular, the phrase “home is where the heart is” rings truer than ever. A home is a reflection of one’s personality, one’s priorities, and the products that we fill them with impact our lives in both big and small ways. 

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