These 5 Milliken Innovations Help Celebrate All Spring Offers

Posted on Apr 27, 2017 12:08:03 PM, by Mollie Williams

As the weather improves and we book our calendars with outdoor activities, these five Milliken innovations are making spring activities, from school field trips to long-weekend road trips, more accessible, colorful, and environmentally conscious.

We explore just how below.

If your children have a school field trip coming up, juice boxes, like these that use Milliken
KPak® portion control packaging, are perfect to pair with a spring snack. They’re not only easy to pack, but also more environmentally friendly and cost efficient for brands to produce.

hats.png field-1.png
With the 2017 baseball season underway
, our team of innovators is proud to be a part of the game. Milliken’s Visa® fabrics are in all New Era® caps used by Major League Baseball®. In fact, Visa® fabrics for baseball caps were inspired when a Milliken associate saw ball players sweating in their woolen caps. Our environmentally conscious Evergreen™ turf colorant can also found on athletic fields and golf courses.

sports drink bottles.png
From after-school ball games to weekend soccer tournaments, Milliken’s
Clearshield® UV absorbers protect the sports drink bottles that keep us refreshed.

And for those spring weekend road trips, Milliken’s Hyperform® nucleating agent allows for stronger, yet lighter automotive interior parts, helping to improve gas mileage without compromising strength.

Discover more innovations that touch elements of our lives in every season here.

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