The Science Behind your Holiday Travel Plans

Posted on Nov 9, 2016 9:00:00 AM, by Mollie Williams

If you are one of the 48.7 million people planning to travel for Thanksgiving, you can expect to encounter the purposeful design of Milliken products hundreds of times throughout your extended weekend. Whether you’re speeding through airport security, hailing a taxi, or relaxing in your hotel, you may be surprised that Milliken is the scientific mastermind behind the safety, sustainability, and seamlessness of many of these common travel activities.

Let us heighten your senses to the extraordinary science behind the most ordinary of travel plans. We invite you on a journey…


As you hurry into the airport on a rainy weekday afternoon, you’re likely to scuff your wet shoe soles on an entryway mat – which could be capturing 80% of the dust, dirt, and moisture you brought along with you. Milliken’s OBEX products create a safe environment for the people following your steps through sustainable entryway matting system.




Tegris.pngContinue on to check your luggage, and you are able to easily lift up your suitcase onto the scale by the ticket counter. You don’t think twice about the agent carelessly throwing it on a conveyer belt – thanks to the durable, lightweight technology of Tegris by Milliken, found in a variety of suitcase designs.


TsaUniform.pngYou approach the bustling security line, and are greeted by a TSA employee in a blue uniform who asks for your boarding pass and identification. With your sights set on the winding security line, you’re likely to miss the comfortable, durable, and color-retaining nature of the agent’s uniform – but nonetheless, Milliken is behind it all.



With a two-hour wait ahead of you, you decide to relax at a causal restaurant in the terminal. You routinely place a cloth napkin in your lap as the server brings your dish. The napkin is free of stains, crisply shaped, and smooth to the touch – thanks to the science of Milliken’s Signature Table Linens.




Later, you arrive at your destination and rent a car, which likely has Milliken textiles and technology woven into the folds of the airbags, floors, and trunk lining.


You walk into your hotel, and are pleasantly surprised by the beautiful design of the floor covering throughout the hotel. The carpet tile seams are practically undetectable as a design with stunning color sets the tone for your relaxing stay.

Eero EER79-145-120 with Archipelago.jpg

After a long day of travel, you fall into a cushiony mattress in your room. The mattress and bed coverings are designed to be safer, more sustainable, and easy to clean thanks to the technology of Milliken’s Performance Nonwovens and Knits.

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Wishing you safe holiday travels!

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