The Evolution of Chill

Posted on Sep 14, 2018 2:23:01 PM, by Mollie Williams

Whether hiking on a warm fall afternoon, performing a high-intensity studio workout, or heading to a long day on the jobsite, keeping cool is imperative in promoting healthy activity. Body heat loss is a natural process, designed to regulate our body temperature through vaporization, convection, conduction and radiation. Our choice of clothing fabrics during activity plays a key role in facilitating heat transfer away from the skin, whether indoors or outdoors.

One area of Milliken’s expertise is engineering workwear and performance apparel fabrics that are comfortable to wear, easy to maintain and built to last. We introduced our latest fabric cooling technology for exercise, work and leisure, EvoChill™, at Denver’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in July. The inherent cooling effects and durability make fabrics with EvoChill technology ideal for performance and workwear apparel.

Through expert design, fabrics with EvoChill technology are durable, breathable, and work hard to help recreationists, athletes and workers perform, and more importantly, do what they love comfortably.

EvoChill takes performance apparel to new heights with three selectable levels of cooling integration:

  • EvoChill Core is Milliken’s first phase of cooling. Sweat-activated evaporative cooling and moisture wicking can be combined with soft-touch workhorse fabric features like odor, sun protection and maximum abrasion durability to endure outdoor adventures, or a hard day at the job site.
  • EvoChill Vibe is a visually elevated level of cooling technology integrating all the features of Core with an added polymeric, heat-sinking 3D-printed inside face to create an active cooling gradient. The printed pattern can also be customized to fit branding needs.
  • EvoChill Pro is our most advanced fabric cooling technology incorporating an intrinsic conductive layer on the inner surface for push-pull ticking to keep the wearer dry and cool.

All three levels of EvoChill can be engineered for home wash or industrial laundry durability. The advanced technology can also support proprietary branding, from unique designs to color, in a broad range of woven and knit fabrics. 

EvoChill is one of many examples of how Milliken innovations help us make meaningful connections to the world around us, whether at work or at play. Click here to discover other advanced textile technologies from Milliken leading the performance and protective apparel industry. 

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Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams

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