Tablevogue: A tale of tailored innovation

Posted on Oct 13, 2016 3:21:41 PM, by Mollie Williams

Meet Jane Birdwell. A passionate mother, motivated marketer, inadvertent innovator – with a knack for entertaining, hospitality, and attention to detail. It was all these qualities that led Jane to start Tablevogue, a company that designs tailored table covers manufactured with game-changing innovation.

TableVogue1.jpgWhen Jane describes the Tablevogue story, her zeal for cultivating memorable experiences for her customers seeps through every word. Her keen commitment to quality drives her forward.

We are proud to join Jane on her journey by offering high-quality fabrics that contribute to Tablevogue’s unique design. We are convinced that the innovation of Milliken, paired with Jane’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for her customers, is an enduring recipe for success. 

We invite you to discover why Tablevogue is, as Jane would say, “Unapologetically Better.”


Q: What inspired you to start Tablevogue?

JANE: I was a privileged mom that had a house where everyone naturally loved to gather. It was not an uncommon thing for me to inevitably end up hosting 20+ for dinner on any given night. As with most people, I didn’t have a house that easily accommodated dozens of people, so I was constantly pulling out folding tables.


However, I could never find a table cover that fit well and looked good. I care about presentation and attention to detail – I didn’t want people to know there was a plastic table underneath those covers, and most of the cloths I found weren’t designed with quality or aesthetics in mind. I think the world just blinked past this, but I saw a problem that I needed to solve.

After some market research, I created a mock design. We designed a cover with a corner box pleat; we applied it and were fortunate to receive a patent. And off we went! Once we had the patent we had the right to chase the dream.


Q: What is unique about Tablevogue products?

JANE: Better quality, better sewing, and better construction.

When it comes to table covers, mostly everyone sews the exact same product. You can expect to get something that is very unfitted – a drape to throw over a table. It’s unpleasant when a person trips over a tablecloth at an event, and we’ve all seen it happen! We’ve seen brides invest money for milestone events, and their presentation is lacking because the covers aren’t made for crowds or outdoor conditions. 


Our cover is made simply, yet strategically, to perfectly fit the table. Covering tables in a uniform way really adds that “wow” factor. Our product offers an easy way to give events an immediate theme and another level of professionalism. We are very proud of the way that Tablevogue is able to drastically improve the party experience through aesthetics and design. 


Q: How does Milliken innovation bring value to your product?

JANE: When somebody first introduced me to Milliken, I had no idea that Milliken was the textile leader in the world as far as quality of fabric. Today, I have competitors try to woo me away, but even they will admit that Milliken is the gold standard for textiles.

There are three things to consider when buying a fitted cover – fit, performance, and style. With the help of Milliken, we master all three.

Everyone wants the workhorse nature of a polyester so they don’t have to worry about the fabric shrinking, fading, or snagging – but the weight feels like a cotton. It stays put on the table. The ability for the color to last wash after wash, paired with the weight of the fabric, gives it much more panache and professional appeal. Additionally, the patented stain release formula is a huge attribute. If you spill wine or want to use washable fabric paint, you can count on it coming up with every wash.


We have sold thousands of table covers – and we have never, ever had a single return because someone is dissatisfied with the quality of the fabric. When our customer orders our product, they don’t know all that they’re getting. They know it’s not the $20 product from Bed, Bath and Beyond; but, when they get it, they can’t believe the quality for the price. I hear it again and again. 

Q: How are customers using Tablevogue products?

JANE: In addition to personal events, we know that we are supporting hundreds of businesses of all sizes. People are buying our products for projects or exhibits. Side businesses and start-ups are using our product for local farmer’s market displays. We literally love that we can support those people and their goals – and we’re getting their orders everyday.

Our favorite is when someone calls with questions and we get to ask, “what are you planning?” Whether it’s backyard weddings, anniversaries, or birthday parties – it brings us joy knowing we don’t just sell table covers; we sell experiences and memories, contributing to the joy of face-to-face gatherings. We are so proud to be a part of it.


Additionally, we have been encouraged to see how our customers are using Tablevogue in ways beyond special events. The fact that about half of our audience is using our product for home furnishings speaks greatly to the beautiful aesthetic and quality of our coverings.

Q: What has been the most surprising thing about this journey?

JANE: With how fast social media platforms are growing and evolving – we meet a new surprise everyday. We have learned to be flexible and adaptable.

However, at the end of the day, we have a great product. Our customers tell their friends and family members about our table covers. Word of mouth is the one marketing tool that has stood the test of time. Everything else is just an exercise in navigation.

Q: What’s next for Tablevogue?

JANE: We are focused on telling our story as vibrantly as possible, which is ultimately our customers’ stories. We have real technology here. We know that we have the best product, best fabric, best sewing. That’s why we say we are unapologetically better. We have chosen quality over anything else. 


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