Presenting Westex Indigo™: Denim used to Help save lives, reduce workplace injuries

Posted on Nov 3, 2016 4:47:42 PM, by Mollie Williams

Electric arc flash and flash fire are serious workplace hazards. Denim is often a fabric of choice for workers, especially those in outside environments. In the past, workers who wore flame resistant denim only had a choice of an uncomfortable and unstylish FR jean.

Westex by Milliken recognized the unmet market need for a fabric that protects against flame and electrical hazards, while offering the casual comfort of style everyday denim. Fueled by our passion to ‘do good’ and reduce workplace injuries, our community of innovators rose to the challenge and Westex Indigo™ was born.

Westex Indigo.jpgProtection, comfort, and ease of mobility are key elements of the Westex Indigo™ line of denim flame resistant (FR) fabrics. The innovation of this new product has captured the attention of workplace safety advocates and textile industry leaders.

See how Westex Indigo™ is leading the way in protective apparel:

For many workers, denim is often the fabric of choice. Consumer insights revealed the unmet need for guaranteed FR denim to provide the same comfort and style of everyday denim clothing, including reduced shrinkage and a very soft hand.

Westex by Milliken proudly launched its innovative new Westex Indigo™ line of denim FR fabrics at the 2015 National Safety Council Congress and Expo in Atlanta, GA.

It is through Westex by Milliken’s exclusive partnership with Cone Denim®, the leading supplier of non-FR denim to large brand names, that innovative flame resistant denim apparel fabrics were introduced to the market. Westex Indigo™ is the first FR denim fabric to offer flex technology that stretches with workers’ movements by combining the look and feel of everyday jeans with protective, comfortable and reliable industrial workwear.

Milliken and Westex by Milliken have a strong heritage of innovation providing industry-leading, customer-centric solutions. Our partnership with Cone Denim enabled the creation of a superior line of flame resistant denim fabric with a broad array of options for color and performance qualities, without sacrificing safety.

The Westex Indigo™ flame resistant fabrics are certified to NFPA 2112 and meets NFPA 70E PPE Category 2 protection. Guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment in either high-temperature industrial or home washing procedures, Westex Indigo™ provides protection from electric arc and flash fire exposures as well as multi-purpose protection from molten ferrous metal and welding exposures.

Westex Indigo™ was recently named OH&S Magazine’s 2016 New Product of the Year for Protective Apparel! An independent panel of three judges chose the winners in 21 categories from 84 entries this year.

More information on Westex Indigo™ can be found here.


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