Presenting the Milliken Honors

Posted on Jan 22, 2018 1:20:01 PM, by Liz Morris

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James

Milliken-honors-1.jpgAs an employer of nearly 7,000 associates across the globe, Milliken keenly understands the power of our associates, teams and divisions as we discover, explore and create ways to enhance the world around us.

The Milliken Honors, our annual associate recognition program, distinguishes those who are uniquely contributing to the Milliken spirit in exemplary ways.

It is fitting that we begin a new year by recognizing these everyday champions who are the driving force behind our success as a global manufacturer. We are pleased to announce these award winners, and we look forward to sharing more of their inspiring stories over the coming year.

Milliken-honors-2.jpgWe would like to congratulate the following associates and teams on their well-deserved honors:

The Safety AwardGolden Valley Safety Steering Committee – Mike Fortenberry, Brian Houser, Tuna McCurry, Morris Queen, Amanda Burgin and Pam Ledford (all located at Golden Valley)

The Business Operations AwardCyber Security Team – Ken Brown, Darrell Beach, Nate Bolt, Jennifer Grice, Reckell Jenkins, Dune Clarke, Shannon Tuten, Chuck Roach, Terry Greene, Nigel West and Aaron Harrison (all located at RMC)

The Manufacturing Operations Award: Cat V Team – Amanda Simmons (RMC), Danny Crawford (Magnolia), Andy Childers (Magnolia), Chris Lipscomb (Magnolia), Cody Egle (Gerrish), Angie Ellenburg (Gerrish), Aubrey Nilsen (Gerrish), Rachel McAllister (Pendleton), Kim Knatzka (Pendleton), Darrell Patterson (RMC), Charlie Tidd(RMC), Bob Miller (RMC), Sara Herring (RMC), Amanda Darby (RMC), Lindsay Hurley (Enterprise), Paul Thompson (Enterprise) and Frances Wakester (Enterprise).

The Strategic Challenge AwardArmy Aircrew Combat Uniform (A2CU) Print Team – Gordon Cannon (Enterprise), Mark Jones (Enterprise), Paul Thompson (Enterprise), Steve Hall (Enterprise) and Patrick Prince (RMC)

The Diversity & Inclusion AwardRicaye Harris (RMC)

The Sustainability AwardPhilip Ivey and Jennifer Smith (Live Oak)

The Citizenship AwardGeok Eng Ling (Milliken Asia, Singapore)

The Ethics Award: Rowan Langford (RMC)

The Leadership Award: Jennie Wang (MEM, Beijing)

The Hero Award: Joe Wallen (Duncan Stewart)

The Innovation Award: Susan FitzGerald (RMC)

The Customer Award: Carey Lapidus (RMC)

The Legacy AwardBecky Lark (Pendleton)

The Futurist Award: Dominick Valenti (RMC)

Annual Business Performance AwardsAlan Maness (RMC), Russ Rudolph (RMC), Bill Graves (RMC) and Wim Van De Velde (Milliken Europe Ghent)

Multi-Year Business Performance AwardsTom Davenport (Valway), Alan Maness (RMC), David Smith (RMC), Allen Jacoby (RMC) and Russ Rudolph (RMC)

Discover our Milliken Honors recap video, so you can share in the celebration. Congratulations to our inspiring group of honorees!

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