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Posted on Jan 17, 2019 2:22:08 PM, by Mollie Williams

“Quality is not an act; it is a habit.” – Aristotle

Nearly 7,000 associates around the world embody Milliken’s values of honesty, integrity and ethical behavior each day through supporting our customers, developing the latest research behind new sustainable innovations, and championing our values-based company culture. As we meet the opportunities a new year brings, we reflect on the ways Milliken associates elevated excellence in 2018.

Milliken Honors, our associate recognition and awards program held annually in January, highlights these associates and teams who uniquely contribute to the Milliken spirit in stand-out ways. We look forward to sharing their inspiring stories with you through associate spotlights through this year.


Congratulations to the following associates and teams on their well-deserved honors:

The Safety Award recognizes those who best represent the Milliken safety culture through their actions and results.

Enterprise Safety Team – Ann Garrett, Gordon Cannon, Dale Capps, Barry Wood, Denise Hicks and Travis Fowler

The Business Operations Award recognizes those who best represent excellence in business operations.

VF Team – Eric Mossbrook, Heath Maughon, Mark Gilstrap, Mike Corbin, Jereme Mohr, Casey Miller, Sam Caudell, Jim Rogers, Ron Smith, Jayne Batchelor, Joyce Scoggins, Lisa Wittner, Tonya Smith, Adam Bernkopf, Angela Fleming, Cheri McIntyre, Candace Sturcken and Travis Greer

The Manufacturing Operations Award recognizes those who deliver outstanding manufacturing results.

Longleaf MPS Implementation Team – Chelsea Roberts, David Varner, Tyler Tisdale, Gary Newman, Bobby Reddick, Dale Green, Jack Pruett, Allee Colson, Dominique Appling, Hannah Powell, Josh Anderson, Jamie Calloway, Wally Sasser, Brandon Lindsey, James Jacoway and Ronda Sanders 

The Strategic Challenge Award recognizes those who overcame a significant challenge, complexity or adversity to enrich the company.

Cable Management Team – Dale Willis, Roger Fynan, Archie Booker, Jerry Snyder, Michael Corsetto, Drew Morris, Lee Bedingfield and Erin Schwasnick

One-Year Business Performance Awards recognize individuals and business teams who meet specific pre-determined financial criteria.

Jeff Morris, Allen Jacoby, Brian Burkhart, Russ Rudolph, Zhaolin Zhou, Wim Van de Velde, David Smith and Cristina Neri

Multi-Year Business Performance Awards recognize individuals and business teams who meet specific pre-determined financial criteria.

Allen Jacoby, Russ Rudolph and Bill Graves

The Customer Award recognizes those who significantly exceed expectations because of their close connection to their external customer.

Best Buy Service Team – Stephen Watts, Lisa Kirkbride, Tammie Hardy, Tammy Walker, Bill Haynes, Joel Weldon, Jeff Calderon, Edward Kelly, Sammy Bailey, Patti Welborn, Mary Child, Lamond Gilliam, Jon McCay, Caren Volkman, Russell Cleveland, Phillip Bridges, Rick Brown, Bill Graves, Robert MacMeccan, Ashley Modling, Mike Utley and Kwame Moutlrie

The Innovation Award recognizes those who best represent innovation within product, service or process development.

Procter & Gamble Whitening Innovation Team – David Ashley, Lakessa Wright, Scott Schwasnick, Steven Spanhove, Laurent De Bruyne, Eduardo Torres, Michael Connelly, Sanjeev Dey, Dominick Valenti and Robert Lanning 

The Hero Award recognizes those whose selfless, heroic and responsive behavior or decision making led to an exceptional outcome in one of Milliken’s manufacturing or business environments.

Justin Turner

The Diversity & Inclusion Award recognizes those who have demonstrated a clear commitment to these principles and actively promotes them within the workplace.

Cindy Boiter 

The Sustainability Award recognizes those who, by show of action, leadership and results, have worked to preserve the value of sustainability. 

Breathe by Milliken Team – LeAnne Flack, Emily Michaels, Ed Lawrence, Ron Swindle, Chris Wilson, Dana Claire Larson, Blake Boyce, Andrew Dobbins, Dawn Pechin, Curtis Miller, Kathleen Ganesan and Ashley Farris

The Citizenship Award recognizes those who best exemplify the belief that our success as a company and the success of the places where we live and work are inseparable.

Diane Andrews

The Ethics Award recognizes those who best represent our commitment to ethical behavior through demonstrated actions.

Rich Sinnott

The Leadership Award recognizes those who consistently demonstrate the company’s leadership expectations and are viewed as role models.

Wyatt Rosenlund

The Futurist Award recognizes those who demonstrate a long-term, futurist mindset in their work.

Heather Lowary

The Legacy Award recognizes those who have created lasting change and measurable differences within the company over an extended period of time.

Odette Torres

We invite you to share in the celebration - stay tuned for the 2018 Milliken Honors recap video. Congratulations to our inspiring group of honorees as they continue to push the boundaries of innovation. 

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