Plan for an Innovative New Year with These Top 5 Resolutions

Posted on Jan 4, 2017 8:39:19 AM, by Mollie Williams

A New Year means new beginnings, new challenges, new adventures, and, of course, new resolutions. Outlining goals for the year ahead reorients our minds to imagine, aspire, and achieve things that at one time may have seemed impossible.

As a global innovator, our team embraces the spirit of resolution making. Setting goals, taking risks, and pushing limits are all factors that have shaped Milliken’s success over the last century and a half – and the dawn of a New Year is the perfect time to reflect, dream, and plan for the future. 

Experts predict that 2017 will follow similar patterns to previous years’ widespread resolutions. We couldn’t help but notice that our own resolutions were correlated with the most popular promises of the New Year. 


Stay Healthy and Fit

After weeks of holiday treats and family feasts, it’s no surprise that more than half of people’s resolutions revolve around health and fitness. Huffington Post suggests implementing small, incremental lifestyle changes to increase your chances for long-term success.

We, too, have health and wellness at the forefront as we dive into the New Year. From refining the sustainability of floor covering to developing technologies that improve indoor air quality, we are committed to products and processes that promote healthy living.


Get Organized

Although festive and fun, the holidays can also bring a level of chaos into our lives – leading many people to start the New Year with plans to simplify, organize, and establish new systems.

Our Performance Solutions team thrives on implementing processes that ensure maximum efficiency, safety, and success for businesses. Our simple, replicable approach offers tried-and-true methods for breakthrough achievements. We look forward to offering resources in 2017 with the presentation of Operational Excellence conferences for company leaders.


Spend More Time With Family

The start of a New Year intuitively refocuses our hearts and minds around the things that matter most in our lives, which is why many people set their sights on family relationships in the New Year.

As a family-owned company, we understand the importance of supporting, caring for, and celebrating these invaluable relationships – which is why we instill processes and manufacture products that ensure the highest level of wellness for our associates, as well as its end users.

Help Others Achieve Their Dreams

Whether friends, family members, colleagues, or community organizations, there’s something special about helping others realize their dreams. For many, living life to the fullest involves serving other people. We’d have to agree that other-centered resolutions are worthy pursuits. 

At Milliken, our mission to ‘do good’ often involves helping others succeed. Whether it’s offering resources that promote the arts, beautify our local communities, or sustain our earth, we are excited to continue these efforts into the New Year.


Learn Something Exciting

Another segment of resolutions revolves around learning a new skill or embarking on unexpected adventures. For the thrill-seeker, 2017 could mean taking up a new hobby like hiking, skiing, or kayaking. For the creative-minded, the New Year may involve learning to paint, draw, or sew. For the jet setter, this year may be filled with stories of global trips.

We look forward to another year of innovation and the exciting opportunities that 2017 will bring. We wish you the most of luck in fulfilling your resolutions!

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Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams

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