Modern Manufacturing: Takeaways from SCMA’s Plant Managers Annual Meeting

Posted on May 25, 2018 8:36:36 AM, by Liz Morris

A vital sector of the global marketplace, manufacturing is an essential and ever-increasing component of driving innovation forward. With the Federal Reserve reporting manufacturing production rising 1.8% over the last 12 months, Milliken takes a modern approach to manufacturing innovations from floor covering to protective fabrics by empowering skilled associates and utilizing technology.

JHC at SCMA Plant Managers Meeting (Credit: SCMA)As an active member of the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance (SCMA) - home state to our global headquarters - Milliken participated in this month’s Plant Managers Annual Meeting in Greenville, South Carolina. J. Harold Chandler, Milliken & Company President, CEO and Chairman of the Board, shared his perspective on cultivating leadership in the manufacturing sector. Through the discussion, local plant and operations managers explored industry successes and challenges in today’s manufacturing world. 

  • From designating infrastructure and capital upgrades to analyzing environmental impacts, sustainable solutions take time to craft and implement. While we lean on our past experiences, we must look ahead to new technologies and solutions to ultimately create effective processes.
  • In an expanding economy with a growing skills gap, a resilient manufacturing business must adapt to succeed. Because Milliken sees value in our ongoing commitment to effective research and development, we have initiated a multi-year equipment modernization program to help support our associates with the latest tools and technologies.
  • Manufacturing excellence is integral to thriving on a global scale, and is directly connected to attracting and retaining associates with critical skills. Through investment in workforce development programs, we are educating future generations on the importance of not only sustaining, but growing, manufacturing. Milliken also looks to support manufacturing associates in ways beyond compensation - from new hire orientation to scholarship opportunities to develop fulfilling professional careers.

As a global manufacturing company, Milliken’s efforts to make a positive impact on the industry go beyond our innovations. Last year, Debra Clements, Milliken & Company Chief Administrative Officer, Senior General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, was named to the National Association of Manufacturers’ Board of Directors and continues to have a voice at the forefront of important policy debates affecting the industry as a whole.

Image courtesy of South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance.

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