Milliken Innovation Under The Christmas Tree

Posted on Dec 21, 2015 10:00:00 AM, by Mollie Williams

With Milliken innovation spanning many industries, it’s quite possible that you’ll find some under your Christmas tree. Here are a few holiday gifts you might find where Milliken technology shines bright - from sporting goods to fashion accessories.

Ski buffs might receive ski goggles made with DispersiTech™ pigments, which add high-quality, high-strength, cost-effective color.

Children, teens, and adults alike might catch air with a new skateboard colored with our Reactint® colorant, which helps deliver the crisp, colorful wheels that fuel smooth rides.

Major League Baseball® fans could receive a New Era® cap of their favorite team, which features Milliken’s moisture-wicking Visa® technology.

Movie buffs might receive Blue-ray® games in their signature blue cases, which are transparent with the help of Millad® clarifiers.

Some brightly colored purses are made with Vivitint® colorant, which provides a beautiful spectrum of bright hues in synthetic leather products.

If you wished for a kayak or perhaps a new fishing rod, you’ve also wished for Milliken technology. Many fishing rods are colored with DispersiTech™ pigments, and kayaks made using our Tegris composites deliver boats that are lightweight, strong, and sturdy.

When the holidays have passed, Milliken innovation might also help you pack away decorations for next year in Ultraclear polypropylene plastic tubs. The best part? Thanks to ClearTint® clarifiers, you’ll be able to see what’s stored for the holidays to come.

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Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams

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