Milliken Innovation Makes Summer Even More Enjoyable

Posted on Jul 7, 2016 2:24:43 PM, by Mollie Williams

Summer is in full swing, and there is fun to be had indoors and out. Whether you spend your days soaking up the sun or inside away from the heat, here are a few ways Milliken innovation makes summer even more enjoyable.

Creative-Colorants-Children-Art-Project_2.jpgKids crafts become a fun, worry-free experience with our washable, creative colorants for markers and paint.




DSC_0204.jpgSkateboard wheels made with Reactint® colorant help kids young and old personalize their boards.





w_photo_colorchemistry_11-2.jpgHeaded to the bowling alley? Bright bowling balls, also made with Reactint®, bring color and energy to the lanes.




Ult12Tegris_olive_F3Q.jpgIf you’re an outdoor adventurer, Tegris® composites are half the weight and ten times the strength of alternative materials. It makes kayaks super lightweight, which means you can paddle for longer.




MLB_Visa_Hats_Cropped.pngGoing to a ball game? Visa® fabrics allow Major League Baseball® hats to breathe, even in the hot sun.







Millad_DVD.jpgWhen thunderstorms roll in, and you opt for a cinematic experience at home, Millad® clarifiers will help you delineate Blu-ray® cases from standard DVDs.





If you look close enough, you’ll find Milliken innovation all around you. Our goal: improve your life in ways big and small in this season on to the next.

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Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams

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