Milliken Associates Set Record for Largest Joint Volunteer Effort on Spartanburg Community Trail

Posted on Dec 22, 2016 9:02:05 AM, by Mollie Williams

Our associates’ passion to make a direct impact in the communities Milliken serves is more than inspiring. Most recently, nearly 50 associates from our Performance Products division came together to revitalize the first paved trail in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the home of our corporate headquarters.

The event marked the largest joint volunteer effort on the River Birch Trail. Milliken partnered with community companions Partners for Active Living and Trees Coalition to help save native trees and improve the trail’s surrounding environment. Everyone joined the cause by blowing leaves and shoveling soil to widen the trail, cutting hundreds of fallen limbs, clearing overgrown foliage, repairing park structures – and more.

The old-age proverb “many hands make light work” was certainly a reality with all of the people ready to improve the trail! Take a look at what was accomplished.

022 (1).jpg


A half dozen Milliken associates shoveled soil, which had naturally moved from the uphill side of the trail, covering the pavement.



004 (1).jpg 


Take a look at how deep the soil was at the worst spot on the trail. Before the work of our associates, the trail would be slippery and muddy after a rain.



015 (1).jpg



Crews with leaf
blowers cleared the entire trail – about two-thirds of a mile – of mounds of fallen leaves to allow joggers to pass by safely.



005 (1).jpg



Hundreds of fallen limbs were removed, creating a more useable environment for park visitors.


023 (1).jpg





Along the trail, associates cleared overgrown and unwanted foliage on trees, walkways, and in areas blocking beautiful views of Lawson’s Fork River, which runs alongside the trail.






A team of carpenters installed handrails on three small bridges, making the park safer for families.







After hours of work, the Trees Coalition stated that the river, undulating trail, and plants are now a “must see” for joggers and hikers, calling the effort a “remarkable, record day.”



Congratulations to our Performance Products team for a job well done and living out our purpose to ‘do good’!



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Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams

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