MilliCare Rises in Support of Foster Children

Posted on Jan 4, 2016 9:00:00 AM, by Mollie Williams

One of Milliken's driving tenets is 'doing good' - for people, for their communities, and for the environment. For the last 150 years, Milliken has met that goal in myriad ways, whether through industry-leading sustainability practices, a tradition of charitable giving and philanthropic pursuits, or leadership and investment in local communities.

In August, MilliCare, Milliken’s franchise network of commercial carpet and textile care providers, carried out its inaugural Month of Care. This year, MilliCare hosted an aptly named CHAIRity event: For every chair that was cleaned or scheduled to be cleaned during the month of August, MilliCare franchisees donated $1 to select nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and Brazil.

U.S.-based franchises supported Together We Rise, a nonprofit that supports foster children around the country. The organization provides foster youth with school supplies, bicycles, and suitcases called Sweet Cases, which might include stuffed animals or other items, so that children don’t have to travel between homes with their belongings in trash bags.

We’re proud to share that MilliCare’s franchise network raised over $32,000 during the 2015 Month of Care. The CHAIRity event also inspired many who participated to expand their Month of Care efforts and continue involvement with Together We Rise.

Many of the franchise locations, including MilliCare by Corporate Floors, incorporated an additional bike build with Together We Rise, assembling bicycles with their team to donate to children and teenagers in the Dallas area.


Patrick Batten, with MilliCare by CFS in San Diego, got to know the team from Together We Rise - now, he and his wife served as chaperones for a Together We Rise Disney trip for foster siblings to reunite.

Eager to continue to ‘do good,’ MilliCare by The Floor Care Company in Denver, MilliCare by ECOlogic in Boston, and MilliCare by Corporate Floors in four markets in Texas chose to extend their CHAIRity events beyond the month of August, further expanding their potential for community impact.

The MilliCare Month of Care CHAIRity event was an incredible success, and a testament to the inherent good in people. Thousands of chairs were cleaned, more than $32,000 benefited children in need, and countless people joined forces to help foster youth around the country.


Alissa Ramsay, director of marketing and branding for MilliCare, summarized the event: “Our clients were excited to get involved in the MilliCare Month of Care. They were able to enhance their facilities by cleaning their upholstered seating while improving the lives of children in need in their communities. That is exactly how we care as a company - both for our clients’ facilities, and for their communities.

“By caring for a facility, you care for the people who inhabit it. The CHAIRity event extended this concept to the community at large - an illustration of our commitment to truly care for our world.”

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