Investing in the Future through the Milliken Arboretum

Posted on Nov 9, 2017 10:06:06 AM, by Liz Morris

“We designed the arboretum to be around for generations to come, as a reflection of the impact we have on the world.”

Symbolic of Milliken’s commitment to the environment, the Milliken Arboretum surrounds our global headquarters with 600 acres of green space open for the public to enjoy, and more than 500 types of trees and shrubs. The arboretum serves as a permanent reminder of our work to protect the environment, to advance sustainability initiatives, and most importantly, to build for the future through meaningful action.

A recent PlantsMap article explored our corporate arboretum. The piece previewed a number of rare tree species that can be found on campus – from the picturesque ‘Green Vase’ Japanese Zelkova lining the allee to the impressive ‘Milliken’ Chinese Elm, a cultivar known to grown only on the grounds of the Milliken campus. It also dives deeper into how Milliken promotes and protects the environment. Intentional partnerships with individuals and organizations such as Dr. Michael Dirr, educator and wooded plant expert, and Schmidt & Sons, an Oregon-based nursery who makes planting recommendations, as well as corporate sustainability initiatives, help ensure Milliken remains a good steward of the environment.

Even in the face of change and adversity, Milliken is committed to investing in and enhancing our arboretum. A recent tornado downed or severely damaged almost 100 trees in the arboretum. Our corporate facilities team has been hard at work cleaning up and restoring the arboretum, which included removing trees, limbs, and debris. Many of the trees that were removed due to damage were donated to the H.B. Swofford Career Center, to be repurposed by Spartanburg District One and two students in woodworking classes. We are in the process of planning the future of the Milliken arboretum as we replant to fill the spaces where downed trees once stood, while continuing to evolve the content and experience the arboretum provides to our associates and local community.

We invite you to discover the Milliken Arboretum the next time you visit our global headquarters. While you explore our spectacular grounds in various outdoor pursuits, be sure to visit Milliken on PlantsMap to learn about the variety of plant life found across the campus.

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Liz Morris

Written by Liz Morris

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