Innovation to Protect: AR/FR Fabrics

Posted on Jul 19, 2018 11:42:16 AM, by Liz Morris

Across a breadth of industries, we look to redefine how we protect ourselves and others, how we care for the environment, and how we infuse vibrancy and color into our surroundings.

Protecting ourselves and others is one specific challenge we address through our performance and protective textiles division. Westex by Milliken’s arc-rated (AR), flame resistant (FR) fabric draws upon our legacy in the performance textile industry and capitalizes on our decades-long research & development background. Blending these capabilities, we develop proven AR/FR fabrics for a range of applications — serving industries like military, emergency response, oil and gas, and electrical.

In leveraging technical performance with thorough market knowledge, Westex by Milliken has become a leading AR/FR fabric manufacturer known as much for offering trusted fabric solutions as for educating the market on protective apparel best practices. Westex by Milliken is a major advocate for end users, helping them to realize that specifying appropriate AR/FR fabric for personal protective equipment (PPE) garments is equally as important as implementing a PPE program in total.

Illustrated in a case study, Westex by Milliken highlights the potential roadblocks safety managers may face in creating the safest possible protection program. We meet Dan, a safety manager who prioritized worker safety by advocating for the adoption of Westex by Milliken’s branded, certified AR/FR fabric at his company. Dan’s intentional efforts speak to Milliken’s commitment to innovation through meaningful design — a commitment that helps ensure workers return safely home to their families each day.

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Liz Morris

Written by Liz Morris

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