How Milliken is Solving a $1 Billion Issue

Posted on Apr 4, 2017 8:16:22 AM, by Mollie Williams

Subfloor moisture is a $1 billion issue every year in commercial buildings. A result of rising water tables and/or improperly cured concrete subfloors, it’s also the leading cause of flooring failure - flooring that has peeled or buckled, has mold and mildew, or has loosened from the subfloor. 

Most flooring moisture mitigation solutions are incredibly complex and come with unrealistic requirements, such as a dust-free construction environment, and expensive moisture testing and preparation requirements. These options also don’t adequately address the issue.

Milliken has tackled this problem head-on in the simplest way possible for customers: the very carpet we manufacture.

Milliken’s floor covering division is prioritizing this billion-dollar issue with site related solutions that address specific industry needs, achieved through our unique cushion backing.

All Milliken modular carpet is uniquely constructed with a PVC-free open-cell cushion backing which provides myriad benefits to architects, designers, building owners, and those who use the spaces daily – from supporting timely installations by eliminating the need for costly subfloor prep to promoting indoor air quality by eliminating the conditions that foster mold and mildew. 

While hard-backed modular carpet can trap moisture, Milliken modular carpet manages subfloor moisture by allowing water vapor to wick up through the carpet tile seams before pooling into damaging liquid water, which creates conditions where mold and mildew thrive. Moreover, it eliminates the need for additional moisture mitigation solutions.

By eliminating the concerns introduced by subfloor moisture, as well the need to replace floor covering, Milliken modular carpet is not only a design solution for flooring, but a solution for future building issues.

“Milliken modular carpets are true Site Related Solutions and allow dealers and end users to solve the root cause of subfloor moisture in the simplest, most reliable way -  through the very carpet they install,” shared Michael Eckert, Milliken director of strategic marketing.

No other floor covering functions as a moisture management solution through the construction of the carpet itself. Milliken's reliable material performance, which is a standard feature of our modular carpet collections, enables architects and designers to focus on their inspiring builds and designs, instead of their performance in high-moisture conditions.

Learn more about how Milliken’s innovative Site Related Solutions are transforming the industry here.

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Mollie Williams

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