Halsey Cook Leads Milliken & Company into Next Era as President & CEO

Posted on Sep 6, 2018 3:00:02 PM, by Mollie Williams

“It is indeed a true honor to be asked to lead an organization like Milliken, an organization that inspires me with its preeminence in integrity, innovative spirit and values-driven performance, into our next era.” - Halsey Cook, Milliken president & CEO

We are honored to welcome Halsey M. Cook Jr., who is now leading Milliken & Company into our next era, as president and CEO. Cook begins his tenure at Milliken with a robust schedule to fully engage with the global associates of Milliken as well as the local Upstate South Carolina community. 

“I look forward to immersing myself in Milliken over the coming weeks and months, forging relationships with not only our associates, but with the ever-important communities in which Milliken calls home,” Halsey shared.

Cook joins Milliken at a notable time in our company’s history—Milliken marks the 60th anniversary of its Spartanburg headquarters this fall. In honor of this milestone, Halsey will plant a new grove of oak trees in the Milliken Arboretum, a 600-acre green space in which our corporate headquarters are nestled, during a company celebration this October. A symbol of strength and commitment, the oak also signifies new growth and potential, reinforcing Milliken core values of innovation, sustainability, ethics and environmental stewardship.

This is an exciting time at Milliken, and we are energized by it. With every new change comes the potential for new growth, new ideas and new opportunities to make meaningful connections with our world — all through the work we pursue daily at Milliken. 

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Mollie Williams

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