Fueling Innovation Through Talent Partnerships

Posted on May 3, 2019 4:01:39 PM, by Craig Haydamack, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Milliken associates drive our company forward. From leading research and development efforts or helping create our next breakthrough product to connecting customers with tailored solutions, our associates exemplify the best of what Milliken has to offer through values-based business. Our ability to find, cultivate and retain top talent with integrity is a major factor in our ongoing success as a company.

In today’s market, talent recruiting is more competitive than ever, so Milliken looks to innovative programs to help attract talent. One such approach is our partnership with Converse College. Sparked by a cooperative initiative to bolster the overall success of our shared hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina, Milliken struck up an ongoing discussion with Converse College, a highly respected women’s four-year college, about how Spartanburg as a whole can retain its top talent developed by the numerous two- and four-year programs in the area.

This partnership better connects students and graduates with the wealth of job potential in Spartanburg, including at Milliken’s international headquarters. A mix of job shadowing, real-world scenario sharing, internships and more help up the real-world experience students are receiving in their undergraduate careers, while also exposing them to future opportunities. Milliken, in turn, is able to connect with future job candidates and make a meaningful case for employment opportunities after graduation. As a model for other employer-college relationships, both Converse and Milliken see the opportunity to replicate this partnership throughout the Spartanburg community. 

Being on the cutting edge of innovation will always be powered by up-and-coming talent. In addition to our partnership with Converse, Milliken also:

  • Developed an apprenticeship program to help train the next generation of skilled production associates in fields like textile maintenance
  • Regularly attends undergraduate and graduate career fairs to share Milliken opportunities with a wider, more diverse audience
  • Launched a New Kids on the Block associate network at our global headquarters to help increase engagement among young professionals new to Milliken

Our dedication to fostering and developing new talent speaks to the heart of our ability to remain an employer of relevance and a manufacturer of the latest innovations. With the help of these initiatives, we hope to continue this work for decades to come.

Discover more about our collaboration with Converse College in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal.

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