Four Ways Milliken Innovations Help You Get Back to School

Posted on Aug 18, 2017 1:14:33 PM, by Mollie Williams

Every year, August brings a flurry of activity as students head back to school. Often times, back-to-school season can be overwhelming for parents, as they balance anticipation and excitement with preparations. 

At Milliken, we strive to create meaningful innovations to help improve the lives of those around us. Our hope is that, through deep science and purposeful research, our work impacts everyday life – making it simpler, more sustainable, and more efficient. Here are four Milliken innovations simplifying the season, and helping you get back to school with ease.


Washable school supplies, thanks to Creative Colorants

Washable-Markers.jpgA school supply list staple, washable markers and art products take the hassle out of art projects, while still enabling quality creativity in schools and at home. Teachers and parents alike have come to rely on the relatively easy cleanup enabled by washable art products, some of which are powered by an innovative Milliken technology.

Through its proprietary polymeric colorant chemistry, Milliken’s Creative Colorants are engineered specially for washable applications. Markers, paints, and other art products using our premium colorant provide bold, bright colors that do not permeate a surface - resulting in superior skin and fabric washability. Formulated for dependability, top art brands have come to rely on Creative Colorants as a high-quality art product additive.


Inviting and wellness-focused classrooms, thanks to modular carpet

Study after study speak to the impact school design has on learning outcomes. From creating an engaging learning environment with enhanced acoustic performance to providing a cost-effective moisture solution for long-term usability, Milliken modular carpet is a multifaceted solution for school design.

Milliken offers a range of colors and patterns to create an inviting space that children and teachers can take pride in. With its unique and comfortable cushion backing, the carpet reduces noise by up to 50% and decreases muscle fatigue by up to 24%, when compared to hard-backed carpet. Milliken carpet also offers a solution to subfloor moisture with its unique moisture-wicking capabilities, which reduce or eliminate moisture problems, and ensure the viability of the school’s subflooring and air quality.


Easy lunch preparation, thanks to Millad® 

Polypropylene-Milliken-Chemical-sustainable-product.jpgPacking lunch is a breeze with sustainable solutions like Millad® clarifying agents. Designed with the end user in mind, these innovations help to reduce overall waste and consumption through focused and efficient packaging.

Millad NX™ 8000, when added to polypropylene, creates a clear material used in a variety of packaging options. Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of polypropylene, Millad encourages its use in creating food storage, disposable food packaging, baby bottles, and blister packaging. Unlike other packaging materials, polypropylene clarified with Millad NX 8000 is heat resistant and microwave safe, instilling consumer confidence and adding the value of convenience for busy parents. From creation to end life use, polypropylene exceeds competing materials in efficiency, recyclability, and sustainability.


More efficient carpool lines, thanks to Millicap

FMillicap-square.pngrom waiting in the carpool line to driving to and from after-school activities, parents and kids spend a lot of time in the car during the school year. Realizing savings at the gas pump is a welcomed benefit, and a Milliken product might be contributing to gas savings.

When incorporated into tires, MilliCap® Cap Ply helps tire producers create stronger tires with fewer resources in less time. The resulting tires then can help increase fuel efficiency for customers, given the nature of their construction. MilliCap provides benefits to everyone involved with tire production and use, and can be incorporated in many tires in use today.


In the spirit of innovation, we hope these products spark a new appreciation for inspired creativity and help start the school year on the right foot.


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Mollie Williams

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