Four Milliken Innovations that Promote Safer Travel

Posted on Dec 7, 2017 10:50:20 AM, by Liz Morris

Milliken innovation can be found all around you – sometimes, without your knowing – subtly enhancing your life through meaningful designs. From Creative Colorants that take the hassle out of art projects to Visa® fabric that helps you stay cool and comfortable, you often times come into contact with our innovations in ways unseen.

This holiday season, as you travel to be with loved ones, keep an eye out for these innovations, which may contribute to a safer traveling experience.

  1. al0002_small.jpegEntry Solutions: Entryway matting is an unassuming piece of technology, but it can make a significant difference when used. To account for harsh weather conditions, and the hazards that come with snow, sleet and rain, Milliken’s entryway solutions capture up to 80% of the dust, dirt and moisture you bring along with you – helping to create a safer, cleaner environment once you are inside.
  2. Tegris®: A lightweight thermoplastic composite, Milliken’s Tegris technology has a wide variety of applications, as it is up to 15 times stronger than alternative materials. When used in luggage, Tegris’ impact-resistant qualities help to protect the contents of your luggage, for a streamlined travel experience.
  3. ConcreteCloth.jpgConcrete Cloth™: Miles logged on the road seem to increase around the holidays, necessitating infrastructure that can withstand high volume. Concrete cloth – concrete that is rolled out, wet and left to set – is quick and easy to install, providing the strength of concrete without the hassle of traditional concrete. When incorporated into infrastructure projects, Concrete Cloth can help deliver proven results needed for these applications with minimal downtime and greatly reduced resources – inviting travel for the long term.
  4. Automotive Non-Wovens: Milliken’s suite of automotive technologies, represented in our Autovation brand, builds on 150 years of manufacturing expertise to create products found in some of the world’s most recognized auto brands. Cutting-edge technologies, proprietary processes and forward-thinking techniques all help contribute to building an automotive experience that is lighter, quieter and stronger, for the benefit of you and those traveling with you.

Backed by Milliken innovations, we hope you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season!


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Liz Morris

Written by Liz Morris

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