Four Elements of a Sustainable Enterprise

Posted on Mar 21, 2019 11:11:53 AM, by Liz Morris

Sustainability is a major consideration in today’s global marketplace. From the ability to design and produce eco-friendly products to the tangible improvements an environmentally responsible process can invite, sustainability carries with it a sense of doing right for the environment for the benefit generations to come.

The sustainable movement itself is constantly progressing. The earliest days, which encouraged us to consider how we are consuming resources, grew to a more comprehensive look at how sustainability efforts apply to product creation and development and operational protocols. This evolution around sustainability, while an important shift, has challenged us all to redefine what sustainability means.

Ever since implementing our first recycling policy in 1901, Milliken has looked to be on the forefront of important environmental conversations, advancing the boundaries of how manufacturers could incorporate sustainable initiatives. Over the years, we have delved into everything from resource consumption — working toward net zero waste, air and landfill impact, for example — to product purpose — exploring how our products can improve air quality or enable better plastics recycling.

A holistic approach to sustainability prompts us to consider our organization’s role in the evolving sustainability conversation. We like to think of Milliken as a sustainable enterprise. Achieving this mission includes promoting environmental responsibility in terms of resource consumption and impact, while simultaneously cultivating engaged people, ensuring stability and building an inclusive workplace culture.

  • Advocating for the environment: As highlighted above, sustainability encompasses the traditional elements of resource consumption, waste management and environmental impact while also considering how we can consistently advocate for our environment. A sustainable enterprise is one where our practices, people and products work together for the benefit of our environment.
  • Cultivating engaged people: In finding, hiring and developing associates, we see the longterm value associate engagement has within our organization. Driven, intellectually challenged associates are happier within their roles, which translates to associates who want to continue their careers with Milliken and embark on meaningful innovation together. 
  • Ensuring stability: Stability comes in many forms, but a sustainable enterprise considers all aspects when striving for stability. From advocating for managed growth to ensuring fiscal responsibility, the elements come together to create a lasting foundation for our company.
  • Building an inclusive workplace culture: This mandate encompasses the gamut of opportunities. It can impact our associates through developing a workplace that is safe and mindful, to our products by researching how our innovations can enhance consumer spaces and consumer needs. By identifying the opportunities, we can move towards a brighter tomorrow together.

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Liz Morris

Written by Liz Morris

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