Empowering a Culture of Leadership

Posted on Jan 25, 2018 9:47:55 AM, by Liz Morris

Throughout our company, there are thousands of leaders who help shape the everyday work of Milliken & Company. Their guidance and skills blend together to create an innovative environment where discovery and creativity thrive. 

At Milliken, we believe that leadership is more than just a position. Leadership is something each of our global associates contributes to in their own unique way and requires deliberate cultivation. Recently, at our Global Leadership Conference in Spartanburg, SC, we continued the conversation about what it means to be a leader as individuals and throughout our organization.

  • Leaders inspire: By being passionate about our purpose, we inspire others around us to create, innovate and grow their own passions.
  • Leaders share: Transparency and clear, truthful communication are a powerful tool towards approachability. In developing forthright and meaningful communication skills, we become a trusted listener.
  • Leaders serve: Often one of the least understood but most valuable aspects of leadership, acting in service towards others emphasizes their own needs, instead of personal gain. Serving others comes in many shapes and forms, but each opportunity is an important milestone in the leadership journey.
  • Leaders include: Recognizing the sum is greater than its parts, inclusion goes a long way towards fueling significant results while being respectful to the group around us. Inviting diversity of people, of thoughts and of skillsets truly unlocks the greatest potential.
  • Leaders embrace ethics: Knowing our values and consistently aligning our actions to those values speaks to our integrity. Integrity has foundational importance to who we are; others want to work with and for those who exhibit the highest levels of integrity.
  • Leaders represent: No matter the setting, leaders are an ambassador for their organization, their project or even themselves. Keeping this in mind in both public and private settings is instrumental in furthering your ability to lead.
Furthering the development of leaders at all levels of the organization, reinforces our belief that we, as a company, can make a difference for the future.

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Liz Morris

Written by Liz Morris

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