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Posted on Jun 8, 2017 9:17:08 AM, by Mollie Williams

At Milliken, we are a community of innovators. Stemming from meaningful design and forward thinking, our company addresses issues of today for the good of tomorrow. Milliken products, patents, and technology serve as the underpinning of daily life – as a U.S. consumer, you may interact with Milliken innovations up to 50 times a day without even knowing it.

Our culture of ‘doing good’ allows us to accomplish these feats: the product of our shared commitment to science, to our community, and to our fellow man. It is a culture of insight and creativity to solve problems with meaningful designs. Each associate brings his or her strengths to the collaborative community called Milliken.

You have seen the technology. You may use it in everyday life. Now, we’re capturing the people and ideas behind the innovations – and the applications they invite.

#DiscoverMilliken is, at its core, an open door to Milliken. It is about our associates and their devotion to the company’s core values – real people contributing to real products for a brighter tomorrow. It is about our customers and how they are utilizing Milliken technology to enhance their lives and the lives of those around them. It provides a glimpse into what the world is like through the lens of our unique perspective: what it is like to work at Milliken, to partner with Milliken, and to apply your ideas through Milliken innovation.

In short, #DiscoverMilliken is a means of exploring and sharing – our associates sharing with the community, customers sharing with Milliken, and Milliken sharing with the world. 

We encourage everyone, from associates to customers, to contribute to this venture. Use hashtag #DiscoverMilliken on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and capture a ‘day in your life’ with Milliken – whether you are in our showrooms or Innovation Gallery, on our campuses worldwide, or in your own setting. Show us how you are discovering what Milliken means for you.

Athenaeum at MillikenMilliken Guest Housevia M Moser Social on Instagram

Images courtesy of Milliken & Company and M Moser via Instagram.

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