Conveying Meaningful Design Through Art

Posted on Oct 23, 2017 2:58:22 PM, by Liz Morris

As a centerpiece of our global headquarters’ Customer Center, the Milliken coffee bar is a gathering point – inviting conversation among associates, customers, and guests.

pic1.jpgThe beloved coffee bar underwent a re-design this summer with the help of local artists Russell Bannan and Eli Blasko, and through a thoughtful mural depiction, the coffee bar now helps to invite collaboration in pursuit of meaningful design.

The new mural is inspired by and represents the ideation process. Much like conversation sparks connection, creativity serves as a backbone of Milliken’s innovative approach to product development.

Hand painted on a translucent surface, the mural serves as a visual reminder of what collaboration and inspiration can accomplish. 

When you first enter the Customer Center atrium, your eye is immediately drawn to the ‘finished stage’ of the mural, which features tight pattern work representing various designs from our historical portfolios of textiles and carpets. Each distinct pattern, timeless in inspiration, shows the vision of Milliken creativity over the years – blending together in unique ways to create a whole. While each pattern is different, when placed together, the elements come together to create a new concept.

IMG_0825.jpgMoving to the backside of the coffee bar, the mural takes on a different aesthetic by showcasing freehand loops. Nodding to the sometimes chaotic, always fluid creative process, the mural mirrors what happens throughout the Customer Center – impromptu and intentional collaborations towards a future goal. Peeking through the free-flowing elements is the mural’s front-facing design, illustrating how creative ideas inspire the future results.

The mural ultimately demonstrates the underlying and often unseen complexities of ideating. At Milliken, these complexities are fully embraced in our work to deliver meaningful products to enhance daily life. 

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Liz Morris

Written by Liz Morris

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