Associate Spotlight: Milliken Honors Winner Becky Lark Talks Legacy

Posted on Feb 2, 2018 10:54:26 AM, by Liz Morris

Last month, we presented our annual associate recognition program, Milliken Honors, which highlights the everyday champions who are the driving force behind Milliken’s success. Each of our 55 associates recognized inspire us through their actions and values, and as a company, we celebrate their devotion to our community of innovators.

One of these honors, the Legacy Award, recognizes those who have created lasting change and measurable differences within the company over an extended period of time. Becky Lark, a Senior Supply Room Clerk at our Pendleton, SC, facility, received the award. 

In this week’s associate spotlight, we sit down with Becky to discover how she turned six weeks into an impressive 55-year career with Milliken.


B. Lark Headshot.jpgTell us a little about your current role as Senior Supply Room Clerk at our Pendleton facility.

One of the most important parts of my job is to ensure we have adequate supplies to meet all of our on-time deliveries each and every day.


You have been with Milliken for 55 years. What brought you to the company? What encouraged you to stay?

Fifty-five years ago, I learned that Milliken was hiring part-time associates for six weeks. Having just started a family, I jumped on the part-time opportunity. Part-time turned into full-time, and I began to see Milliken as a reliable employer - especially in my area of work and in my location. I’m proud to say that for me, six weeks turned into a career full of opportunity and advancement.


The Legacy Award recognizes your demonstrated commitment to Milliken values. What Milliken value do you identify with most?

The most important value to me is integrity. Milliken’s code of conduct is something I not only identify with, but appreciate, as it is in line with what I hold myself to day in and day out.


Part of your award recognizes your legacy within the company. What do you see as your legacy with Milliken?

I think of myself as dependable. I am proud to come to work each day on time and carrying out my responsibilities to the best of my abilities. I feel very blessed to have grown my career with a respected organization like Milliken.


When you share your Milliken experience with others, how do you describe the company?

With the company’s emphasis on associate development and its dedication to safety, I describe Milliken as an engaging place to work. I was not surprised when the company was included on EHS Today’s America’s Safest Companies list last year.


What does receiving the Legacy Award mean to you?

I’m extremely honored to have received this award. It means a lot to be recognized for my commitment to the company over so many years.


What is one piece of advice you want to share with other Milliken associates?

“Work hard. Work safe. Give 100% every day, and be as good as your word.”


We had a chance to chat with Becky shortly after she received the Legacy Award. Here's what she had to say:


Looking to build a lasting career at a company that values honesty, integrity and ethical behavior? Visit our careers page to explore positions within our global community of innovators.

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