An Insider’s Look at 4 of Milliken’s Most Innovative Technologies

Posted on Dec 3, 2016 2:00:00 PM, by Mollie Williams

The InnoVision Awards program has been distinguishing South Carolina businesses for excellence in business leadership, technology, and innovation for nearly two decades. Four Milliken innovations were among this year’s award finalists, championing revolutionary technologies that are influencing a multitude of industries today.

The below videos offer a behind-the-scenes look at Milliken technologies, recognized for advancement in sustainability, technology development, and technology integration.

  • Sustainability Finalist: Delta Max™ 3000i, an additive that improves the recyclability and toughness of polypropylene. 
  • Technology Development Finalist: Westex ShieldCXP™, a revolutionary breathable fabric that protects from both flame and inadvertent chemical splash hazards. 
  • Technology Integration Finalist and 2016 InnoVision Award Winner: Milliguard UVX200, a compound providing reduced UV absorption in the polyurethane industry.
  • Technology Integration Finalist: WestexG2 Flame Resistant (FR), a lightweight and breathable FR fabric with improved durability.

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Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams

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