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Posted on Oct 4, 2018 10:06:07 AM, by Mollie Williams

At Milliken, we challenge ourselves every day to think differently about innovation. Our actions are focused not only on the benefits our products bring, but also, the way in which they are made. We’re excited to celebrate National Manufacturing Day in the United States on October 5th, and in doing so, we’re reflecting on what manufacturing innovation means to us.

If productivity is an important goal of manufacturing, efficiency and performance are imperative factors to consider. Discover, with us, four ways Milliken helps improve productivity — through the lens of both products and processes. 


Product: Transforming the polyurethane industry with Milliguard® AOX-1 antioxidant  

Milliken Chemical is an industry pioneer of antioxidants, including the award-winning Milliguard® AOX-1 antioxidant for everyday polyurethanes (PU), bringing notable benefits to both manufacturers and consumers.

Polyurethanes are all around us, from the beds where we sleep to the cars we drive. It is important to ensure these items are as safe as possible for consumers. Milliguard® AOX-1 ultimately allows consumers to continue to enjoy the comforts of polyurethane with reduced exposure to additive chemicals. 

From a manufacturing perspective, Milliguard® AOX-1 significantly improves the chemistry used to stabilize and protect polyurethanes (PU) from thermal degradation. Milliguard® AOX-1 enables the polyurethane industry to reduce the use of antioxidants, protect against oxidation, and decrease the emission profile of polyurethane products. The product also leads to potential cost savings by enabling the use of cost-effective flame retardants with reduced scorch, as well as increased productivity with the ability to increase foam block size without scorch.

In addition to manufacturing efficiencies for our customers, Milliguard® AOX-1 brings significant benefits to end users and is particularly impactful in the automobile industry. In Europe, automotive OEMs must meet increasingly stringent vehicle indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements. Milliguard® AOX-1 is an important way to reduce the volatile emissions of PU foam to address the increasing vehicle IAQ standards with more rigorous environmental, health and safety requirements. Before the technology, the means for achieving compliant materials that meet these stringent standards didn’t exist through antioxidants.


Product: Saving time and resources with TractionBack® floor covering technology
Tractionback Carpet
Many of today’s floor covering solutions come with highly specific installation requirements — steps in the way of seeing a beautiful design to fruition. TractionBack® technology from Milliken Floor Covering solves this issue. With TractionBack®, modular carpet tiles come ready to install straight out of the box. The revolutionary high-friction coating keeps Milliken PVC-free modular carpet securely in-place without additional adhesives, floor sealers or primers. Applied during the manufacturing process, carpet tiles with TractionBack® require no manipulation, additional taping or gluing steps in the field. This product makes installation, moving or replacing Milliken floor covering easier on installers and on the environment, and the process more productive.


Process: Partnering side-by-side for success
Safety Training Class
There is no ‘one path to success’ in achieving ultimate manufacturing productivity. The industry adapts and grows, and so must manufacturing processes to hold up to the changes of tomorrow.

Performance Solutions by Milliken was founded on this belief, and is focused on a holistic, sustainable approach to improve efficiency and productivity based upon lean manufacturing concepts. Milliken practitioners experience clients’ workplaces first-hand, whether on the manufacturing floor or in the C-suite, working side-by-side to establish a culture of continuous improvement and drive productivity breakthroughs.


Process: Ensuring consistent quality standards

Consistently manufacturing the same quality product is a process not easily achieved. Through the ISO 9001 framework highlighted in last week’s blog, Milliken secures operational stability and reliability for our customers, which in turn, can equate to efficiency. When a product’s supply chain remains consistent, quality is uninterrupted and productivity is ensured. This allows our customers, and their customers, to be more productive within their own processes — resulting in mutual success.


Modern manufacturing is constantly evolving, and it takes a commitment through product and process to meet the changing demands of tomorrow for the benefit of future generations. To discover more about manufacturing at Milliken, click here.

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