6 Gifts to Stimulate Your Child’s Creativity

Posted on Dec 21, 2016 1:31:15 PM, by Mollie Williams

With intentional planning and a focused imagination, this year’s gift exchange can further your child’s unique spirit of innovation and creativity. GirlColoringMillikenQuote.jpg

We invite you to engage in Milliken’s passion for discovery when considering what to place under the tree and fill in your family’s stockings. The fuel behind innovation at Milliken is creative, inspired engagement that celebrates the art of problem solving.

There are many gift ideas that encourage children to discover and learn. It is never too early to start incorporating STEAM principles into teaching. Sometimes it’s as easy as stopping to, quite literally, smell the roses. Or, touch leaves, watch insects, marvel at sunsets, or go on a nature walk.

We compiled a list of fun gift ideas to cultivate a passion and interest in the simple delights of art and science. We hope it inspires you and your family this holiday season.


Duct Tape of All Stripes, Colors, and Sizes

Engaging your child’s creativity doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. The durable, yet tearable, nature of duct tape (a quality that can be attributed to our community of innovators) makes an excellent tool for endless crafting possibilities. Available in colorful hues and exciting patterns, duct tape can be used to create accessories, decorations, artwork, totes – and so much more.



Microscope kits are available for children of all ages. Encourage your children to go deeper in exploration of the world around them. A closer look at solid objects, such as plants, coins, and insects, can unleash a whole new world of imagination and discovery.


Handmade Art Kits

The popular blog The Artful Parent explores the idea of compiling tools and resources to make art kits that suit your child’s interests and development level. For the child who loves to paint, a kit may include stretched art canvases, paint cups, a brush set, and glitter. Complete the package with a set of bright paints made washable by Milliken innovators.

A handmade kit allows you to tailor the gift to specifically meet your child’s needs – and allows you to get creative in the process!

Tool Kit.png

Family Tool Kit

A family tool kit may be the gateway to grand forts, a new tree house, and cherished family experiences for years to come. Teach your child the art of building and creating, while incorporating important lessons surrounding health and safety.


Puppet Theatre

Consider the range of possibilities and creative engagement that could ensue with a puppet theatre for your children. Whether you purchase online or build your own, a stage for developing scripts, crafting puppets, and performing at home is an excellent way to nurture your child’s love and appreciation for the arts.



 Cardboard Creations

Sometimes the most engaging activities develop out of the simplest materials. A stack of cardboard, pair of scissors, and a new set of paints may be all your child needs to discover their inner artist. Craft cardboard portraits, playhouses, cars, rocket ships, robots – and more

How do you encourage learning and exploration in your child’s everyday?


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Mollie Williams

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