5 Tips for a Meaningful Career

Posted on Feb 27, 2017 5:53:47 PM, by Mollie Williams

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Teddy Roosevelt 

According to the World Health Organization, we spend approximately one-third of our lives working. Whether you believe in the products your company brings to market or volunteer on the weekend with colleagues who have grown to become a close work family, it’s important to all of us to have a meaningful career full of learning, growth, and exciting challenges.

Meaning is something we hope accompanies every position at Milliken. Milliken’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Bethany Smith, and Corporate Recruiter, Meredith Corby, shared five tips for achieving a meaningful career:

  1. Find a company that reflects your core values. Who you work for and with is as important as what you do. Do your research and find a company whose mission resonates with you, whether through the physical products you will create, such as flame-resistant textiles for first responders, one that values environmental stewardship in their daily operations, or one that gives back to its community.
  1. Seek mentors. When you join a company, it is very unlikely that you will know everything required for your job responsibilities. Mentoring relationships both within your organization and with an established industry professional is an excellent way to both learn and receive feedback from someone with experience while growing professional connections. Furthermore, having a valued mentor you trust can lead to more potential for both professional and personal growth – both hallmarks of a meaningful career.
  1. Be willing to learn and ask questions. Whether you are the Chief Executive Officer or a new Process Engineer, every position requires a commitment to continuous learning and evolution.

    Similarly, be willing to raise your hand and take on new challenges. Doing so will stretch your capabilities as an innovative thinker, and potentially lead you to an exciting new path you would not have before imagined.
  1. Be adaptable. Today’s world is fast-paced, calling for adaptability from every angle. You can expect that innovative companies move and change just as quickly. Just as our product portfolio is diverse, innovative, and out-of-the-box, we want our associates to have the same mindset: a diverse skillset, innovative thinking, and the willingness to approach everyday problems from various unexpected perspectives.
  1. Choose a company that supports you professionally and personally. Meaningful careers are made at companies who see meaning in their associates. At Milliken, we believe our most valuable asset is the diverse talent of our associates – therefore we support their professional growth and their personal health. From professional development opportunities to on-site fitness classes and locally-sourced, healthy food options for lunch, we advocate for our associates’ well-being.

If you’re interested in a meaningful career with Milliken, visit our careers page to view our current opportunities around the world.

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Mollie Williams

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