5 Milliken Innovations That ‘Do Good’

Posted on Oct 24, 2016 3:53:15 PM, by Mollie Williams

From environmental sustainability to manufacturing excellence to textile leadership, our commitment to ‘doing good’ transcends all areas of our business. Milliken has long been known and awarded as a leader in quality, safety, and ethics. We create processes to improve health, safety, and sustainability. We reimagine products that bring value to people’s everyday lives. We challenge ourselves to go deeper and push the limits of design and expectation.

 Read on to see how a few of our innovations are doing good around the world today.

  1. ‘Doing good’ through proactive healing: Wound care dressings

While traditional wound care dressings cover and absorb fluids on wounds, many dressings do not play an active role in the healing process. Our Active Fluid Management® wound dressings not only protect the wounds, but also create an ideal environment for healing. Our design helps transport bacteria and harmful toxins away from the wound, absorbs excess fluid, and easily incorporates other functionalities such as antimicrobial technology.

 AFM®’s proactive approach to wound care means reduced hospitalization times, less macerations, and improved outcomes for patients with difficult-to-heal wounds.


  1. ‘Doing good’ through sustainable solutions: Clarified polypropylene

Clarified polypropylene is a fully-recyclable, versatile, and cost-effective plastic, with one of the lowest carbon footprints of all clear materials. The clearer the material, the more applications and uses there are for manufacturers and marketers. With our latest generation, Millad® NX8000 clarifying agent, we are able to offer a superior polypropylene product with revolutionary clarity.

Now, manufacturers can replace expensive or less functional clear materials with a product that reduces costs and improves sustainability.


  1. ‘Doing good’ through a safer workplace: Fire-resistant fabrics

Electricity and flash fire can be serious hazards in the workplace. Flame-Resistant (FR) apparel helps save lives, reduce injuries, and even decrease hospitalization time and expense. Milliken designed a series of hybrid fabrics that combined FR protections with wearability and comfort.

Unlike previous FR garments, Milliken innovation created a product that not only offers maximum protection, but also a groundbreaking level of comfort for workers exposed to hazardous conditions.


  1. ‘Doing good’ through reimagined tire design: Unique textile applications

Tires can help manufacturers and consumers find new ways to cut their environmental impact. We not only applied our textile and chemical expertise to existing tire designs, but we actually helped reimagine the creation process altogether. By applying a tacky textile, known as Millicap™ cap ply, directly to the tire during production, manufacturers can reduce tire weight and rolling resistance, while improving fuel efficiency.

Millicap™ allows automobile manufacturers to reduce resources while meeting emerging regulations and needs. Plus, drivers benefit by spending less time and money at the pump, and more time at their destinations.


  1. ‘Doing good’ through limitless design possibilities: Digitally printed carpet

 Design delivers emotion, elegance, beauty, and function to a space – changing how we think about and even interact with it. Digitally-printed carpet opens a world of possibilities for pattern, color, scale, and texture. Milliken developed an injection-dyeing process that permeates carpet fibers entirely with color, allowing a vibrancy and precision that was never before possible.

Digitally-printed carpet gives designers infinite flexibility to create the space that looks and performs perfectly to meet their client’s needs – from a large scale art installation to subtle nuanced textures.

For more information on innovations that ‘do good’, tour our virtual Innovation Gallery.


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