4 Ways To 'Do Good' This Holiday Season

Posted on Dec 7, 2015 10:30:00 AM, by Mollie Williams

The holiday season has arrived, and with it, our thoughts turn to giving and ‘doing good.’ In addition to picking out gifts for our loved ones, consider extending a helping hand to those in need, or ‘do good’ by making sustainable choices that benefit the environment. Here are some ideas for giving back and ‘doing good’ this month.


Is there a cause particularly close to your heart? Donate your time to a favorite nonprofit, or find a charity in your area that piques your interest, and ask how you can help.

Choose Gifts that Give Back

A host of companies donate goods or a percentage of their profits to organizations or people in need.

- For every Royale Alpaca blanket purchased, Sackcloth + Ashes donates one to a homeless shelter in your area.

- Support female artisans in Swaziland by buying one of these beautiful necklaces, which are handmade from recycled magazines.

- These wine, cheese, and chocolate baskets fund a variety of good deeds, one of which is providing weekend meals for children in need.​


Searching for a gift for someone who has everything? Consider donating to a charity in their honor. You can also support a local gifts drive. Find your local Toys for Tots program here.

Keep it Green

You can be environmentally friendly this month by making small, sustainable choices. Reuse gift boxes from last year, or save boxes from the holiday for next year. Start an arts and crafts project with your kids to make your own wrapping paper by drawing or painting brown bags from the grocery store. Save energy by turning off your Christmas tree lights at night, or invest in a timer to turn them off automatically. Recycle your Christmas tree or buy a living tree that you can plant after the holiday to reduce waste.

However you spend your holiday season, we hope the season of giving inspires you to ‘do good.'

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