4 Interview Tips to Impress Innovative Companies

Posted on Mar 9, 2017 11:24:58 AM, by Mollie Williams

Whether you’re partnering with NASA to help research and develop industry-leading flame-resistant textiles or bringing chemicals to market that make manufacturing more environmentally friendly, being part of an innovative company can be incredibly exciting and meaningful for one’s career. But how do you stand out among a pool of applicants and secure an incredible opportunity at a forward-thinking organization?

We spoke with Milliken’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Bethany Smith, and Corporate Recruiter, Meredith Corby, who shared four key interview tips for candidates entering the workforce to impress innovative companies:

  1. Presentation is key. A professional presentation during every facet of the interview process cannot be underestimated. Resumes should be easy to read, consistently formatted, and free of grammatical errors and jargon. During in-person interviews, a firm handshake and good eye contact are noticeable ways that you can visually portray confidence.
  1. Provide quantifiable results. In addition to work experience and role responsibilities, your resume should showcase the results you’ve achieved. If you’re currently in a role where you are being ranked or measured by certain numbers, include them on your resume – and most importantly, put them in context. For example, a No. 3 class ranking for a recent college graduate can be very nebulous. Show us that you’re ranked third among a class of 3,000 and you’ll catch our attention.
  1. Do your research. Preparedness makes a candidate memorable. Know the recent innovations developed by the company to which you are applying. Understanding details about a company’s product portfolio and the role they play in the marketplace makes candidates stand out and demonstrates that they’re not only prepared for the interview, but they will also be willing to prepare for their job responsibilities.

    Moreover, develop an understanding of the company’s mission statement and values before your interview. At Milliken, culture and passion are paramount to how we operate. We want our associates to genuinely want to work for Milliken – and candidates should voice what specifically resonates with them about Milliken during their interview.
  1. Ask questions. Interviews are a two-way street and are as much for the benefit of an employer as they are to the candidate. As much as we expect candidates to answer our questions, we also expect them to ask thoughtful questions that demonstrate a thorough consideration of what a career at Milliken looks like – to make sure it aligns with their career aspirations.

If you’re interested in being part of Milliken’s global community of innovators, visit our careers page to view our current opportunities.

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Mollie Williams

Written by Mollie Williams

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