3 Textile Technologies that Enhance Healthcare

Posted on Feb 10, 2017 10:02:12 AM, by Mollie Williams

High-quality healthcare deserves high-quality innovation. From antibacterial fabrics to technically superior wound dressings, the quality and safety of materials in our healthcare facilities are essential.

Our community of innovators works to create technologies and innovations that contribute to safe and positive healthcare experiences for clinicians and patients alike. Below are three examples of how we do so through advanced, technical textiles.

Antibacterial Textiles

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Milliken’s BioSmart® textile technology binds chlorine from the wash to the surface of fabrics to kill bacteria and viruses, as well as inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria. When laundered with an EPA-registered chlorine bleach, BioSmart binds the chlorine to its surface, which then kills bacteria on contact. BioSmart technology is available in medical lab coats, medical scrubs, and privacy curtains, protecting both patients and healthcare professionals.

Advanced Wound Dressings

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Textiles also play a role in healthcare treatment. Milliken Healthcare Products feature proprietary Active Fluid Management® technology - a three part design that combines two layers of high-performance fabric using a micro-knit process. Recognized by R&D Magazine as one of the most technologically significant products of 2014, ASSIST Silver is a low-adherent antimicrobial wound dressing that optimizes ease of use for the clinician and minimizes patient pain. The Active Fluid Management® technology in ASSIST Silver pumps fluid in one direction through the Active Fluid Management® layer away from the patient, while providing antimicrobial protection and a moist environment.

Used primarily in burn care to manage skin grafts, ASSIST Silver helps maintain an optimal level of moisture at the graft site, provides efficacy against a broad spectrum of wound pathogens, reduces clinician time, and minimizes adhesion to the graft. 

Comfortable Floor Covering


A children’s play area at New York’s Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice features Milliken’s Windowscape collection. Design by FreemanWhite, image courtesy of Warner Photography.

Interior environments set the tone of the patient experience – from its visual design to the physical feel of finishes. Milliken modular carpets are not only beautifully designed but also feature a built-in cushion backing for improved performance and enhanced comfort underfoot. Additionally, a PVC-free construction means that its also safe and comfortable for children and their parents to play on in patient waiting areas.

To discover more everyday applications of Milliken innovations, visit millikeninnovation.com.

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